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Lincoln Continental Parts

We provide Lincoln parts for collectors and restorers of 1961 thru 1989 Lincolns. Our shipping department will arrange shipping to almost anywhere there are Lincolns in the world.  We will ship everything from the largest parts for major body restoration, such as complete frame sections to fenders and body panels. For collectors, who need the detail parts and “jewelry” such as emblems and the small chrome trim parts, we have been collecting Lincoln detail parts for over 50 years. New Item:   Restored Lincoln Continental Steering Wheels!! Excellent New Service for Lincoln Continental Owners and Restorers…Restored steering wheels are returned to their original color and splendor!  Your original steering wheel can be restored, or we can provide a steering wheel to restore for you.  Please ask us about core charges if you do not provide your own steering wheel. Our steering wheel specialist is producing really beautiful pieces that match the factory original appearance and finish. For other Rebuilt Parts, Click HERE. Restored Wheels Feature Item:  1961 - 1963 Lincoln Continental Interior Wood Trim A really great restoration service is now available for Lincoln Continental Owners and Restorers…brand new Mahogany veneer wood interior trim panels are being created!  The new veneer is applied to your original aluminum and steel backing plates, so the fit is guaranteed.  Our dedicated wood-working specialist is producing really beautiful pieces that duplicate the factory original appearance and finish. Please expect to encounter a hefty core charge if you do not send your original panels.  For other Rebuilt Parts, Click HERE. For mechanics, we can ship all needed restoration and repair parts, from complete engines and transmissions down to rebuilt power steering pumps, carburettors, fuel pumps, climate control brain boxes, and even window switches.  Mechanical parts include:  used or new brake drums, steering columns, suspension parts.  We part out entire cars, so let us know what you may need. For body shops and those doing restorations, our body parts include:  bumpers, fenders, floor pans, hoods, decklids, doors, windows, and basically any parts you may need to return your car to it’s original splendor. If your car needs Interior parts to complete your project or to bring your car back up to original factory fresh condition, we have door panels, dash pads, armrests, instruments clusters, seats, upholstery sets, trunk liner kits, and all the trim parts we call the “jewelry”. Many parts are rebuilt or remanufactured:  fuel pumps, power steering pumps, carburettors, air conditioning parts, climate control boxes, fuel tank sending units, window and seat switches, convertible top parts, relays, and more. Please email or call us with your needs at: or call us at:  813-579-8900 SITE LAST UPDATED:  9/26/2017
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